ATS-500 Sensor Clock

The ATS-500 is a dual functionality unit able to be deployed as both a timeclock and access control unit simultaneously.

A 100% Australian designed and manufactured solution, it records employee start & finish work times in a secure, accurate, fast and simple manner within a factory or office environment.

The Sensor Clock can utilise Proximity, Mag stripe, Dallas IdButton and plastic identification cards to record employee start & finish times and with an ID reader unit fitted on each side for IN and OUT, no keyboard is required.

* Proximity Card Version shown.

ATS-500 Sensor Clock


  • Simultaneous Timeclock and Access Control unit functionality.
  • Access Methods include: Magnetic Card, Proximity card, Barcode & PIN
  • Modular design for easy integration and maintenance
  • Clock IN and OUT functionality
  • Records employee ID and timestamp
  • Remote Monitoring via ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Optional wired or wireless connectivity
  • Wireless remote office installation using GSM network
  • Approximately 8000 records storage capacity
  • Convenient setup feature buttons simplifies multi-terminal installation
100% Australian developed and maintained