Time & Attendance Management

Realtime is a comprehensive employee time & attendance, worktime recording, award interpretation system.

Realtime tracks employee start/finish working times, calculates the number of work hours versus overtime and automatically passes this information off to your payroll system making payroll a simple matter of hours x rate of pay.

Realtime works around the simple principle of capturing time for each individual employee, filtering the employee's registrations through a Shift or Roster "Filter" and calculating the employee's overtime, leave, exceptions, etc.

Realtime allows for totally flexible shift and overtime structures with no limits on the number of different shifts, rosters or hours worked. Shifts can be compiled into templates so as to accommodate differing shift allowances dependant upon the Award under which the employee is employed.

Realtime also supports multiple optional interfaces to the most widely implemented accounting, payroll, MIS and HR management systems.

Reports covering absentee, shift, overtime monitoring and employee exceptions can be automatically or manually generated on a daily basis.

Employee work times & attendance can be collated either synchronously or asynchronously, from your networked time recorders irrespective of the operational status of Realtime at the time of recorder polling.

Once installed, Realtime requires minimal user interaction.

Originally released in 1992, consistently developed and still maintained in Australia, specifically for Australian business practices, Realtime is still the simplest and most flexible employee time & attendance software available on the Australian market. Its design not only makes it unique, but totally user oriented and flexible.

Literally hundreds of long term installations are testament to Realtime's robust, yet flexible shift and overtime structures.

Realtime is a guaranteed return on investment for your Time & Attendance needs.

Realtime's list of Features includes;

  • Overtime rules, standard payrate, meal break and tea breaks can be set up as standard templates
  • Overtime rounding, docking of overtime grace periods for Late/Early shift rules and shift period, can be specified for any one shift rule.
  • Up to six different forms of Pay type/Rate (Overtime Rules) can be specified for any one working shift.
  • Time band definitions allows for the configuration of employee's work time during the day at different rates.
  • Overtime Limits allow the setup of the different Pay Rate Limits employee's are allowed to achieve for a day and for the shift period.
  • Administrator override functionality enables manual adjustments of all employee work/pay parameters.
  • All 'adjustments' are tracked and audited.
  • Modularly designed so as to support even the most demanding customisations
  • Multiple optional interfaces to accounting, payroll, MIS and HR management systems
  • Totally flexible shift formats and structures. No limit on different shifts/rosters and no restriction on hours worked. Penalty and/or triggered overtime payments.
  • Daily automated reports for absenteeism, shift and overtime monitoring and exception reporting
  • 100% Australian designed, developed and maintained.

Realtime Data Flow

The chart below illustrates the flow of data from "raw" timeclock data to processed attendance data in the Realtime format.

Realtime Data Flow

Microsoft Registered Trademark 100% Australian developed and maintained